Getting to know you, again.

shooting Invasion on the Aaton XTR Prod, 2007

I am 1st ACing on a schoolmate/friend’s shoot this weekend and will reintroduce myself to the Aaton XTR Plus Super 16 film camera today. It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out. Almost three years actually.

Since starting grad school, I’ve worked in the art department on a number of shoots. I love it and it’s my favorite part of movie making by far but I felt burnt out at the beginning of the summer and decided to take a break. This has given me a chance to touch cameras again. All feels right in the world.

Loading the mag

Working with the Aaton will be good practice for Love Letter since it is being shot on Super 16. It will remind me of the technical situations that could come up and force me to think about lenses and lights as far as how I imagine things will look. It will also remind me how long film shoots can take so I don’t schedule 30 shots for one day. I would never do that anyway guys. I promise…

Olivia and I with the Aaton


When working in the art department, I sometimes watch the camera team and think to myself, “Oh, wow, they are having so much fun joking around.  They are so important. I don’t understand anything they are saying. Let me just move this plant over here… hope I can check frame soon so I can be close to them.” I mean, it’s totally irrational because we all know every crew member is important on set but sometimes it really feels like camera team are the popular kids and everyone else is just kinda moving out of their way.

I want to wear a hot dog costume on set but think it might get in the way of loading the mags.


About linseed

I am a video and filmmaker currently residing in Dayton, Ohio.
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