We found her!

Our weekend

Basil Lee has been cast!!! Her name is Molly, she’s eight years old and we’re meeting on Tuesday to have a chat and to read through the script! I can’t wait to start rehearsals.

There has been a lot of progress these last few weeks. Casting Basil was the biggie of course. Margaret has been working like crazy on the puppets. Yesterday Ben helped us with the drop saw (AKA chop saw. AKA mitor saw) and we cut up a log for the wooden puppet. It was really fun and I think I have a chemical attraction to power tools. The plush Sandy is next to me as I write this and she is kinda creeping me out with her big eyes. Props are starting to pile up in my apartment and Margaret helped me figure out a significant change to the script. It involves glasses, of course.

Also I found our bedroom location.

A dream shot list has been drafted. I’ve been talking with puppeteers. I have a meeting with Bruce next week and then a then a much needed break for the holidays.

I am excited to see family and to have friends come stay with me for New Year’s Eve celebrations and to not think about worms for a few days (although I’m sure I will think about worms anyway). There is still a ton of stuff to do, but I’m feeling pretty good (thanks to a really awesome A.D. who sends me hilarious pick-me-up emails when I have anxiety and need encouragement.)


About linseed

I am a video and filmmaker currently residing in Dayton, Ohio.
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