Bedroom Scenes Wrapped!

Molly looking pretty awesome.

We did it! We got all the bedroom stuff shot this weekend and it was sincerely one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Molly’s performance was pretty awesome and she is such a trooper. She kept the whole crew laughing all weekend (Helloooooo Sandy! and robot Ruby voice). Being surrounded by so many talented, positive filmmakers and artists makes all the difference.

Molly's amazing drawing of Sandy

We pulled through one major issue but overall everything went off without a hitch. Thank you to everyone that made this weekend run so smoothly and for all the help I have received this past month.

Now for the tough weekend. Please send happy thoughts and pump up jams our way as we attempt one overnight exterior in the woods (s’mores included) on Friday night and a tough hair puppet exterior shoot on Sunday. It’s going to be intense but a lot of fun because that’s how we do. Think summer camp, only in the dead of winter.  



Oh and Martina send me a link to this!!! It looks really, really good. Look at those puppets move around!


About linseed

I am a video and filmmaker currently residing in Dayton, Ohio.
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