In the can.

photo taken by DMH

Love Letter finished production last weekend. Unfortunately, I have been too sick to really comprehend it.

I would like to give 1 million thank you’s to the 9 crew members who have become my family and another million thank you’s to Molly and her wonderful parents and to Martina.

it's symbolic

A good friend of mine reminded me that your body somehow forgets the physical and emotional trauma it endures during things like giving birth and making movies. We had a couple of broken heaters in 22 degrees, blown light bulbs, a very cold and tired 8-year-old, and 6 inches of mud and water, all while running about 4 hours behind schedule IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. If it weren’t for the forced smiles and warm words of the crew, I would have lost it. I didn’t though and I think these particular scenes and locations are going to be pretty incredible on film. The UFO light in the middle of the woods is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I’m looking at the still photos and thinking about how much we covered for a thesis film shot in 5 days. The sets and locations are better than I ever imagined.

Marc had to babysit that weekend

The 2nd round of footage should come back in a few days, then on to a rough cut, sound mix and color correction. I expect to record some ADR in the very near future. I also need to think of a score. I would really like whale songs in the woods.

I can’t believe it’s over. I have to admit, I’ve been experiencing a mild depression since wrapping (possibly due to the amount of phlegm I’ve been producing). I’m sure I’ll experience a deeper, darker depression during post production when I realize nothing cuts together.

I’ll post some stills from the transfer next week!


About linseed

I am a video and filmmaker currently residing in Dayton, Ohio.
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