Brooklyn Film Festival

Love Letter will premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival June 2nd and 4th! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend at least one of the screenings. It’s kind of a busy summer already. Click here to see the website and more info on the Brooklyn screening. 

Right after Brooklyn, Julia Fuller and I are heading out to San Francisco to attend the SFDocFest where our film, Every Speed, will be screening as a part of the Bold Doc’s line-up. They forgot to credit me as a co-director but I assure you Julia had to listen to me whine all those late nights of drawing and editing. For more information on that screening click here. 

In the meantime, Brandon has been coloring Love Letter and I’ve been watching him. I’ve learned a ton. For instance, I don’t want to be a colorist.

Oh yeah! Love Letter also received a Director’s Citation from the Black Maria Film Fest back in January. The film didn’t actually screen with the touring festival but I guess someone liked it so that’s nice.

Color Grading

Color Grading

matching skin tones

this is actually an animation stand that I never knew Temple had


Colorist, Brandon Watz, making me laugh


About linseed

I am a video and filmmaker currently residing in Dayton, Ohio.
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