Where are you little movie?

You know how sometimes life gets in the way of things? Well, that happened.

I am a newly approved Master of Filmmaking (Haha. Hahahaha) managing to graduate in May with the current cut of Love Letter. There are still a few minor things to tie up for sound but wow, this movie went through a lot in the last year. I’m excited to be screening Love Letter with another amazing film Blackout directed by my friend and fellow filmmaker, Natasha Ngaiza. (We share some of the same crew including Love Letter’s Art Director Margaret Rolicki.)

Look for more information on the screening, to be in late July.

In other news, my film Every Speed (co-directed/co-produced by Julia Fuller)  won the Premio Asolo Award for Best Film on Architecture at the Asolo Art Film Festival last summer. This Spring we screened at Athens International Film and Video Festival, Iowa City Documentary Festival and we’re about to go to Northside Festival in Brooklyn New York next week.

We’ve had a chance to screen at various disability conferences and symposiums around the U.S. including the Disability and Writing Symposium at Bryn Mawr Film Institute here in PA. The sound mix was finished in March by David Miranda Hardy thanks to a grant from the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association.
Also about to go into production for a.k.a Profile Glitch, a multi-media collaboration between Lisa Marie Patzer (director, genius), Julia Fuller (co-writer, performer, usual partner in crime) Doro Otto (co-writer, performer, all around awesome) and yours truly.  Check out the Kickstarter here if you would like more information about being a part of this amazing project. We’ll be in Ithaca shooting all of next week.
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Haitus over.

I am now back from a forced (but much needed) “real life” break. I had to find some time to finish the semester and a documentary I’ve been shooting for work (i.e. money), attend a couple of super fun weddings, reconstitute my pathetic social life, and welcome a new baby!! Life sometimes gets in the way of what I really want to be doing- making movies in the dark without any human contact or distractions. It’s really too bad these distractions are usually fun and important to leading a happy, “healthy” life.

Stepping away from the material is the best thing you can do for your work anyway (that’s what I keep telling myself). Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, I can dive right into the final phases of post production. I haven’t cried tears of misery since shooting. Something doesn’t seem right. It’s time to get back to it.

Bruce and I blocking

Thank you to Gabby Hernandez who has been working as the assistant editor on the film. She spent most of April syncing the sound to the film, a huge job. If anyone is in need of an assistant- I would recommend her highly. It takes a really organized individual to watch each clip, separate, and label everything. It’s time consuming and sometimes really frustrating, especially when the iPhone slate takes 25 finger taps to actually make a noise or the director decides not to slate at all! I am grateful for her patience and for not judging me.

Me, Molly, and Sandy

I’m preparing a cut to bring into Maja Media in downtown Philly where Love Letter will be recording additional sound and mixing later this month. By now I should know better than to think one writes a movie and that’s it, writing’s over. In shooting you see things aren’t working and you change a scene on the spot. In editing you realize you need an extra line here and there to make the scene cut. I’ve been writing throughout the entire process. It did occur to me that maybe this means I’m just not a great writer but I know that cannot possibly be true.

The screening will will take place the 2nd week in August. Any leads to nice, affordable venues, preferably gallery settings with projection capability and seating, please contact me! I am hoping to have the puppets on display along with some photos of the shoots. We have so many amazing photos.

In other news- here is a link to a project I have been collaborating on with my friends and fellow filmmakers Lisa Marie Patzer, Julia Fuller, and Doro Otto. Julia is in Chicago and Doro is in Berlin so we meet via Skype and have different assignments from Lisa Marie, who developed and spawned this monster baby. The project is well underway with principal photography scheduled sometime in Fall/Winter and already has support from the Crane Arts Center who will host A.K.A. Profile Glitch in Spring of 2012.

I’m also moving in a week which is both stressful and exciting at the same time. Some opportunities arose back in my home state of Virginia but alas I’ll be in Philadelphia for awhile it seems. Shooting for Visionary Voices has begun with yours truly on board as camera and general technical assistance and I’ll be teaching Video Production at University of the Arts this Fall. Oh and I want to write my feature and take Spanish classes and go to South America.

I would now like to take a moment to congratulate David Miranda Hardy (sound for Love Letter) and Natasha Ngaiza on the birth of Mia! She was born last night and I cannot wait to subject her to my films, both as actress and as audience. Having babies around is really inspiring. They have such big eyes.

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In the can.

photo taken by DMH

Love Letter finished production last weekend. Unfortunately, I have been too sick to really comprehend it.

I would like to give 1 million thank you’s to the 9 crew members who have become my family and another million thank you’s to Molly and her wonderful parents and to Martina.

it's symbolic

A good friend of mine reminded me that your body somehow forgets the physical and emotional trauma it endures during things like giving birth and making movies. We had a couple of broken heaters in 22 degrees, blown light bulbs, a very cold and tired 8-year-old, and 6 inches of mud and water, all while running about 4 hours behind schedule IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. If it weren’t for the forced smiles and warm words of the crew, I would have lost it. I didn’t though and I think these particular scenes and locations are going to be pretty incredible on film. The UFO light in the middle of the woods is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I’m looking at the still photos and thinking about how much we covered for a thesis film shot in 5 days. The sets and locations are better than I ever imagined.

Marc had to babysit that weekend

The 2nd round of footage should come back in a few days, then on to a rough cut, sound mix and color correction. I expect to record some ADR in the very near future. I also need to think of a score. I would really like whale songs in the woods.

I can’t believe it’s over. I have to admit, I’ve been experiencing a mild depression since wrapping (possibly due to the amount of phlegm I’ve been producing). I’m sure I’ll experience a deeper, darker depression during post production when I realize nothing cuts together.

I’ll post some stills from the transfer next week!

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Bedroom Scenes Wrapped!

Molly looking pretty awesome.

We did it! We got all the bedroom stuff shot this weekend and it was sincerely one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Molly’s performance was pretty awesome and she is such a trooper. She kept the whole crew laughing all weekend (Helloooooo Sandy! and robot Ruby voice). Being surrounded by so many talented, positive filmmakers and artists makes all the difference.

Molly's amazing drawing of Sandy

We pulled through one major issue but overall everything went off without a hitch. Thank you to everyone that made this weekend run so smoothly and for all the help I have received this past month.

Now for the tough weekend. Please send happy thoughts and pump up jams our way as we attempt one overnight exterior in the woods (s’mores included) on Friday night and a tough hair puppet exterior shoot on Sunday. It’s going to be intense but a lot of fun because that’s how we do. Think summer camp, only in the dead of winter.  



Oh and Martina send me a link to this!!! It looks really, really good. Look at those puppets move around!

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5 Days

Molly's reaction to her potential wardrobe

Five days until we start shooting! This was a very long weekend of set painting and script/shot revisions and more coordinating and scheduling but everything is great. It’s better than great.

Here are some photos that show what we’ve all been up to.

3rd eyeball


hard at work

We would also like to welcome Martina Plag and Cj McGinnis to the Love Letter family! Martina is playing the role of Sandy and Cj will be Grandma! We are very excited to have them both on board!

I was called out on my American Apparel inspired blog design yesterday.

fake hair

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Congratulations Mr. Producer

I just want to give a shout out to Dan Van Wert (producer of Love Letter) and his film, Controlled Burn. Over the past few months, Dan and Controlled Burn have been sweeping festivals all over the country. If you have a chance to check out this thoughtful and beautiful film, please go. Chances are it’s screening close to you! Way to go Dan and his amazing cast and crew 🙂

The Los Angeles Reel Film Festival: “Controlled Burn” was nominated
for Best Film, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Actor, and Best
Actress.  We were awarded 3rd Place and Best Actress Honors.

The Accolade Film, Television, New Media and Videography Competition:
“Controlled Burn” received an Award of Merit.

The Three Rivers Film Festival (Pittsburgh): 2nd Place Award in Shorts.

The Bahamas International Film Festival: Official Selection.

“Controlled Burn” has also received a 2010 Cine Golden Eagle Award,
and is an Official Selection of the Macon Film Festival (Georgia), The
George Lindsey UNA Film Festival (Alabama), and The Spokane
International Film Festival.

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Everyone, Meet Molly!

We are so excited to have her working with us on this movie! She’s going to be an awesome Basil.















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